Insurance for businesses and individuals in shared-workspaces

By Hector Kolonas

- Joining a shared space is a fantastic way to meet new people, be inspired daily, and for getting out of the house or coffee shop. But with all the expensive equipment startups and creative freelancers require, there comes a point that insurance comes into question.

Finding an insurer who not only accepts to cover equipment setup in a shared workspace, but who also won’t cripple a young business with fees and paperwork used to be frustrating and laborious.

The team at have spent the last few months negotiating and tweaking insurance packages that make sense for businesses in shared workspaces. As of today these packages will be available to members of the 30+ shared spaces within the network.

The packages, prepared and offered by ProfilePI, include contents and professional indemnity cover, whilst extras like public liability and cyber emergency response insurance, can be bolted on. Guests of any host partner can request an entrepreneur-friendly package from, whilst guests of other spaces can request that their hosts be invited into the network.

With the recent growth in the popularity of shared-workspaces, and the sharing-economy in general, there’s a gap between the rest of the B2B sector and this dynamic style of working. The team over at are working to bridge providers with the businesses growing out of shared workspaces around the world.

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